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Until we meet again

Last month I attended my Friend's funeral. We met way back, when we both fell in love with Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and we both have been enjoying the wonderful breed ever since. At the time I was passionately showing my dogs in confirmation and my Friend trained her’s to be therapy dogs, which she did with excellent results and brought a lot of joy to people at hospitals and nursing homes they visited. We always "talked dogs" or rather I should say PONs, because without being biased, it is a very special breed. We shared our love, passion but also concerns because of the health issues the breed is experiencing.

She was one of the many wonderful people who helped me get my certification by booking a reading with me. She was concerned about one of her dogs who is getting old and at this time was having some difficulties after they all moved to a new home. Her PON assured me that she is not going any way soon and is just getting use to her new surroundings, taking the time she needs and adjusting slowly, which she was teaching my Friend at this time as well.

The reading ended but our conversation continued. We spoke about aging dogs and how difficult it is for us human parting with them. They are such a big part of our life and they always leave us way too soon. She knew I understood because I lost three PONs in a very short time, which actually was the beginning of my Animal Communication journey. We both needed the talk.

Shortly after, my Friend informed me that in fact her dog is doing well and it seems everything was going back to normal, which made us both very happy.The reading took place only 4 months before my Friend unexpectedly passed. At the funeral I was sitting among her family members and friends, overwhelmed with sadness and awareness that we really "don't know what tomorrow brings". The eulogy her sons and friends gave was full of love and laughter combined with tears. They reminded us of joyful moments they shared and how frugal life is.

People came to pay respect and said final good bye but I was thinking that the most faithful friends of her, who loved her unconditionally, were not there. Her two beautiful dogs had to stay home. I know many people think that a funeral home might not be a place for animals, but why not? She was everything for them? We humans have friends, work, duties, hobbies but our four legged companions have just us. We are everything for them.

My arms couldn’t reach her dogs but I was hugging them with my prayers, holding them in a space full of light and love very close to my heart but I really missed seeing them among everyone else who was there.

I know my Friend is watching over them and will be waiting for her PONs with open arms when theirs time comes to arrive.

Today I am giving my dogs extra love, and please give the same to your beloved animals as well, because you are EVERYTHING for them!

Much love to you,


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