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How do I prepare for an Animal Session?

Find a quiet place, free of interruptions and please have paper with a pen to record any information received during an animal session. Sometimes the information you receive in a session doesn’t make sense at the time, but will later.  As you observe your animal after a session or remember things that you may have forgotten from an animal that has crossed over, having notes will help you to refresh your memory and better understand the information received during your animal session.

How does an intuitive Animal Session work?

During the reading, I will first connect with you to get to know you, then with your animal to understand his or her personality and what kind of bond you both have. If the animal is alive I will do a so called “body mapping”. I will feel if there is any area in your beloved companion's body that needs attention. Then I will connect on a deeper Soul Level to find out why the animal is in your life and what lesson is she/he teaching you. There will also be time to ask a question and receive a message your animal might have for you. Please know that the session is to be done for your animal and not someone else’s. The goal of the session is to solve any challenges you might have with your animal, to connect with your animal in spirit and/or find the soul level lesson – why the animal is in your life and what she/he is teaching you. 

Does the Animal need to be with me during a Session?

Your animal does not have to be present in the session for me to connect with the animal. The connection is made energetically and the animal can be anywhere even crossed over to the other side.

What is body mapping?

If the animal is alive I will do so called “body mapping”. I will feel if there is any area in your beloved companion's body that needs attention.  However if you have medical concerns about your animal, please see a veterinarian for advice. An intuitive session is not meant to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition. 

How does a phone session work?

Sessions are scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone of the U.S. and are 30, 45 or 15 minutes long.

I call all clients in North America unless another arrangement has been made such as Zoom or Skype.

Please do not use speaker phone due to call quality.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. Gift certificates are available. Please contact me with address information and the gift certificate will be sent to the recipient.

How do I pay for my service?  

Services are paid in advance of our appointment. You can book a session and pick a day at time you would like by visiting the Services page and clicking on "BOOK A SESSION". 

What Is Your Cancellation/Reschedule Policy?

To change existing appointment, please contact me at 978-393-3635 at least 24h before the scheduled reading. 

To cancel an existing appointment, please contact me at 978-393-3635 at least 24h before the scheduled reading. I have a firm 24h cancellation policy. As long as you adhere to the cancellation policy, you will be refunded.

Please understand that I can not grant refunds for not showing for an appointment. No exceptions will be made.

* There is no refund after a reading was performed!
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