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Is there anything I should do before an intuitive Animal Communication / Pet Mediumship Session?

Prepare by finding a quiet and comfortable space. 

Have an open heart and mind for receiving intuitive messages.

Have paper and pen on hand for writing any information received during the session.

Taking notes helps in recalling and comprehending the information received.

And of course have your questions ready.

Please do not drive during a session or be in a busy place.

This is a special time set aside for you and your animal whereby you will receive my undivided attention.

What happens during the session?

A session begins by connecting with you to understand your relationship with your animal then with your pet. For living animals, I perform a "body mapping" to sense any areas needing attention.

Delving deeper, I connect at a Soul Level to decipher why your animal is in your life and the lessons it teaches you.

There's also time for your questions and messages from your animal.

Please note, the session is for your animal specifically, aiming to address any challenges, connect spiritually, or understand the soul lesson your animal offers.

What is body mapping?

For living animals, I will do so called "body mapping" which helps to identify any areas in your pet needing your attention. The animal may display pain, discomfort any other physical issues which you may use as information to take to your vet or animal practitioner for further exploration.


An intuitive session doesn't diagnose nor replace medical advice or treatment.

Does the Animal need to be present during a Session?

The animal doesn't need to be physically present to establish a connection. The connection is based on a heart to heart, soul to soul connection which allows me to communicate regardless of the animal's location, even if it has crossed over.

Do i phone you?

Sessions are scheduled in Eastern Time Zone (U.S.) and are available in 30, 45, and 15 - minute duration. I primarily call clients on the number you provide as long you are located in North America, if you are in a different continent we will be using Zoom audio only. Please avoid using speakerphone for better call quality and less disturbances.

I don’t see a time that fits my schedule?

I don’t see a time that fits my schedule? Please contact me at and I’ll help you find a time that works for you! I’m happy to accommodate global time zones! PLEASE make sure you chose the correct time zone by booking a session to avoid any misunderstanding.

Can I purchase a session for a friend or family member?

Yes, please contact me directly for more information at

How do I pay for my service?  

Services are prepaid when scheduling an appointment. Book your session by selecting a convenient date and time under “SERVICES” and clicking "BOOK A SESSION"

What if I change my mind?  

To reschedule an appointment, please contact me at or text 978-393-3635 at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.


To cancel a booked session, please contact me at or text at 978-393-3635 at least 24 hours before the scheduled reading to receive a refund.


There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy, and refunds are granted if this policy is adhered to.


Please note, refunds can not be provided for no show/missed session without prior cancellation. No exceptions can be made.

* There is no refund after a reading was performed!
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