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Animal Communication Session

As a Soul Level Animal Communicator I will bridge the gap between you and your animal(s), unveiling their emotions, behavior patterns, Soul Lessons, messages and health concerns. It's a direct line to understanding their perspective, fostering harmony and deeper connections in your lives.



The Animal Communication session will include:

- getting to the heart of your pet's emotions,

- their quirks, how they vibe with family members, sitters, trainers, - what they are teaching you, the Soul Lesson

- how they are feeling in their body, are there any health concerns

- likes and dislikes

- end of life decision

- their different personality, hierarchy, and family dynamic if there are multiple animals in the family

- let’s hear how they view each other, their relationship with one another

Have your questions ready for the session and let’s hear what your lovely pet(s) have to say.

Animal Communication session
30 min - 

In this session we will connect with one animal.

Animal Communication session
45 min - 

In this session we will connect with up to three animals.

We can include animals in spirit as well (up to 3 animals, all together)

Animal Communication / Intuitive Guidance session 15 min - $45

This session is ONLY for existing clients, for ONLY living animal and/or on special terms, for a very brief intuitive connection with you or your animal.

It is a short, direct session to answer your immediate questions.

Please do not book the session if I have not worked with you or your animal before.  

Pet Mediumship Session

A Pet Mediumship session is a telepathic connection, through empathy and intuition. With a soul to

soul connection we will bridge the gap between you and your animal that has crossed over.

In this session we will step into a safe space to reconnect with your beloved animal in spirit, to experience their pure love again, to cherish beautiful memories and embrace peace in your heart.


Receiving answers directly from your pet in spirit will help you to find closure, start healing and find joy in your heart again. You will experience the love that our pets have for us, even if they are in Spirit World.


I know too well how painful it is to lose a beloved animal, therefore please give yourself anywhere from 2-3 weeks of healing after saying goodbye to your lovely companion, prior to booking a session with me. The time is not for the animal to cross over but for you to begin the healing process and to be open for receiving messages.


Pet Mediumship session is for connection with your pet(s) that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and it will include:

- reconnecting with your beloved animal(s) in spirit

- asking the unresolved questions and concerns

- resolve lingering questions

- remembering their beautiful personality and likes and dislikes

- understanding signs they are sending you

- how to ask for signs

- receiving emotional support and validation



Open your heart and let’s connect beyond the tangible. Have your questions ready before our session.


Pet Mediumship session
30 min - 

In this session we will connect with one animal in spirit

Pet Mediumship session
45 min - 

In this session we will connect with up to three animals in spirit.

We can include living animals as well (up to 3 animals, all together)

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