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- Testimonials -

"Your animal communication session with my sweet but independent Ragdoll cat was unique! You showed how much I needed to change/look at something that I needed to interpret differently based on my cat’s behaviour because she was modelling something that I needed to learn that was important and good for me. It helped my life, and I appreciate her even more! Thank you for this! Before reading her, you tuned in or read me so accurately to the states I am in, which really supported me. The unique style of your readings is lovely and helpful."

                                                                             P. S.

"My Christmas gift to me was an animal communication session with Anna and my rescue dog Luna. I'm so glad that I did! Anna was personable, sincere, and has a very special gift! I was completely amazed at the information she shared with me from Luna. If you were ever wondering how much your dog understands and absorbs from your life, wonder no more! Anna shared Luna's thoughts about the goings on in her life and my life so accurately and with such sincerity. It was very interesting to understand Luna's perspective! You can learn so much from your dog - I will certainly be doing another session in the future!"

                                                                                     Tanya, CT

"Anyone who has ever loved an animal and said, “If only they could tell us what they need,” knows that our animals are always communicating with us – and people like intuitive animal communicator Anna Klocke can help us listen, understand, and better help them. Whether early in an animal’s journey or at the end of life, before a family vacation or when prepping a pet for an upcoming major medical procedure, Anna can help us know what can lessen their anxiety (and ours), and more effectively manage challenging situations. Anna has been uncannily accurate at shedding light on the reasons for seemingly puzzling behaviors, helped us to hear what our pets most want us to know, and helped us further strengthen our bonds with our beloved animal companions." 

                                                                                                                  Traci Stein, PhD

                           Psychologist, author, and host of “Unpacking Possibility with Dr. Traci Stein"

"Grief is the last touch we have with our loved one. To let it go or not, that is the question. I met Anna three years ago and she has communicated with Smores regularly about the concerns I had about her wellbeing. She was always accurate and helpful in leading Smores and I's ways through her last years. Smores passed away on October 31st at the age of Sweet Sixteen and I called upon Anna for a communication with my girl. She told me information that was accurate and specific to the relationship between Smores & I. I fully recommend Anna for a respectful, calm, and loving communication that humbly offers reconciliation between the loss and the living....and to find out what our furry love has been doing with their free time! Smores gets to do Infinity Circles around me and this is exactly where we are now. Infinity! Thank you is not deep enough to express my gratitude for you and your wonderful Touch. Hugs."

                                                                                                                                                                        Chantal, Canada

IMG_20231206_141452_141-01 (1)

"How amazing Anna was. She was more than I expected. Comforting and sincere, she not only told me things about my pet but loved ones who have passed and even a pet. Anna got everything so right, I was shocked how precise she was. I felt so many feelings when we were finished but most of all grateful that I made the choice to connect with Anna. If you are doubting if you should connect with Anna well put those feelings aside, you will not regret having the chance to speak with her. Many thank yous and much gratitude to a very special woman".

                                                                                                   Michelle Skop, MA


"Anna Klocke fully embraces every animal’s unique personality (the good, the bad, and the surprising) in her Soul Level Animal Communication® Readings. This love is also evident in how she adores each pet’s little quirks, energetically creates a safe space for intuitive exploration of behavior problems, and how she lovingly works with your pet to get answers to your questions. When Anna reads you and your animal alive or in spirit, you know immediately she has YOUR pet on the other end of the Intuitive Line. You’re in good hands with Anna Klocke."

                     Danielle MacKinnon, ME

"When I met with Anna to connect to my Gizmo who passed, she really helped me to understand many things. It was so incredible hearing things from her that were messages from my cat that only my family and I would know such as his favorite spot at the big window, and how I always kissed his head, and right down to the smaller details about his appearance. One of the most heartwarming and comforting parts of this was hearing that he felt a major relief when he passed, knowing he wouldn't be in pain, and he was so relieved that we euthanized him due to how sick he had gotten. I'm so grateful to have met with Anna, she's such a lovely human and I'm so grateful that she has this amazing gift she shares with the world. Thank you so much Anna! This will not be the last reading from you!" 


Haley Camacho - Toronto, Canada 

cesar and tido.jpg

"Anna Klocke is amazing. I booked 2 sessions for my 2 cats, one alive and one which transitioned a few weeks ago. When I started the sessions with Anna, I had no expectations. By the end of the sessions, I was very grateful and amazed that I got more than I asked for.  Anna is very gifted, compassionate, patient, and accurate in her readings.  She patiently answered all my queries regarding both my cats.  I was in awe throughout the 90-minute session. Thank you Anna for the wonderful interaction with both my cats.  I am a believer that there is much more out there in the universe than what we see, hear and live in our daily mundane lives.You have reinstated that belief in me Anna, thank you once again.  God bless." 

Hema Shilpa Uppala - Atlanta, GA

"I engaged Anna for two individual animal communication sessions for my parrots. Anna was amazing! Not only did she read me, my mom and husband correctly, but she also correctly gauged my birds' personalities. Her sessions were very insightful. It was fun getting to communicate this way with my birds and directly ask questions. The information that came through was very useful. It helped to better understand our birds' needs, likes, dislikes and behaviors. Anna even helped get to the root cause of plucking by one of my parrots! I highly recommend Anna to anyone who seeks to improve their connection with and understanding of their animal companion/s. Anna is kind, empathic, professional and definitely talented. My birds both liked her. You'll be in good hands."

                                                           Izabela - Canada

20210120_161255 (1).jpg

"I have had 2 pet medium readings with Anna for my dog Birch who passed away last year.

Anna is not only genuine, warm, kind, and empathetic but her intuitive skills are very strong and accurate. She spoke specifically to so many aspects of my life now and my relationship with Birch, both in spirit, and in our lives together in the past. It was wonderful to connect with my sweet boy through Anna and know that he is with me all of the time.

I've experienced a lot of comfort and healing. It's been hard to get through the grief and move on, and working with Anna has helped me embrace the joy and lessen the pain. Thank you Anna."   

                                                            Michelle, MA

"What a beautiful gift Anna has to tap in and communicate with animals. She immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable during our session.

I had a wonderful Q&A with Puchi, a rescued capuchin monkey currently living at a sanctuary I volunteer for. As soon as Anna said, "I feel a very sweet, very gentle animal", and "his eyes", I immediately knew she connected to Puchi on a soul level.

Our session validated and affirmed what I know in my heart about my connection with Puchi and also received new insight into this journey, purpose, and unconditional love. Anna has a natural and open line of communication with animals and is able to read them accurately, with compassion and sensitivity.

I look forward to future sessions with Anna"

                                                                             Maggy, FL


"We had a reading with Anna from across the globe in Sydney, Australia. She was so accommodating considering the time difference.

She was able to tap into our beloved bunnies Sooty & Georgie who passed away within the last year and bring us so much comfort and joy knowing they had messages for us. Anna was so present with us and listened with an open heart. During our grief, it brought us what we would describe as a 'hug from heaven'.

The descriptions of our rabbit's personalities were spot on, we were simply amazed! She was able to articulate the connection and special bond that we had with each of our bunnies as well. We highly recommend a reading with Anna for anyone looking for more or simply wanting to connect in with their fur babies. Thank you Anna" 

                    Natasha & Nick, Australia

“What I like about your style is how you get a picture of my personality first and I can confirm your information before you connect with my animal.  It gives me the confidence that you will get information that I can trust when you connect with my pet.

I wanted to know how Caraloha is working with me to help me grow.  When you told me what she is teaching me I was so surprised because it is the same message from another animal I had connected with two weeks ago.  

A session with you is so rich and informative it would be valuable to any animal owner or lover of animals. I am always so comfortable and relaxed when we have a reading”      

                                                         Louisa Wellington, MA                                          

IMG_2242 marley and Ann.jpg

“I have a strong interest in animal communication and believe that people can truly communicate with animals.

The big insight I achieved was about how Marley mirrors my own inner feelings, fears and moods. Your descriptions of me were very insightful and have given me something to ponder on.

Thank you so much for giving me this experience"


                                                    Ann Somervell, CA

"Wow, you are kind. You are present. You listen. You care. You do not censor what you say, you give it straight; honest. You are genuine. You are sensitive and thoughtful.

I liked how Pirate came through w both the info I asked of him as well as his personal message in supporting my growth right now. I also liked Anna's reading of me and how this tied in perfectly w Pirates message.

I feel like her services can also provide healing and closure and understanding so the person being read can move forward."

                                Michele Sturgis, ME


"I was very pleasantly surprised by what Anna told me regarding my deceased pet and I.

Her insights into our relationship was amazingly accurate. Her description of Chloe’s character was spot on, it sure helped me smile remembering the wonderful times we share (I am going to do that more often.) Thank you too Anna for being compassionate and caring during our session and for the advice which I know is going to help me heal."   

                                                                                                                 Lorraine, Canada


"I was so amazed at how well you described my cat’s character so accurately. It was totally spot on.

I had been struggling to come to terms with the passing of my cat, Kikki. I had so many questions, and what Kikki communicated through you really put me at peace.

You were able to clearly explain the situation from Kikki’s point of view, and as you did so, I could feel a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. And for that, I’m so eternally grateful. People should know how down to earth and easy you are to talk to.

Most importantly, people should know just how gifted you are! Much gratitude! Cheri"


                             Cheri Hayashi, Japan


“Your readings are on-target, delivered with compassion, and you see the true nature of animals and people. Very accurate, plus good balance of being personable yet professional (can direct the session).

Pablo is a happy boy after the session and getting extra-attention! Thank you again, we both benefited very much!    

                                                                     Amber C., VA


“I asked Anna to connect with my beloved dog Atos. It was an amazing experience! At the beginning of the session I found out a lot about my personality.Then Anna connected with Atos and told me a lot of information, which she couldn't have known but I could confirm because I lived with Atos for so many years. It was a very emotional and touching session for me. Most rewarding was to hear that he is still around me and he is watching over me. It made me tear up. " 

                                           Teresa Peretiatko - Poland


"I love that you will provide info about the physical condition as well as the connection between animal and person. The insight into their feelings and desires is priceless. I loved the messages each of my girls had for me and your obvious sincerity. Just my thanks! 


                            Jude Walsh, OH


"I loved how you worded your offer ~ that your final goal is to achieve harmony in the family. That's what resonated with me really. I feel like your ability to connect with people and animals' (their essence) is very powerful and also so pure. People should know that they're in good hands. I liked that you shared some background of you and parts of your personal story. Made it easier to feel connected to you and to feel like our meeting is also important to you :)"

                            Nikolina Markovi - Croatia

"I love that you connected with me prior to the girls. It helped me out to also know what I had going on so that I could better myself and that would in turn help the girls out. You are a compassionate, caring person who not only uses a gift that God gave you but you do it selflessly and I am grateful for all you have taught me thus far"

     Abigail Hermance Slattery, NY


"I love my animals deeply. It comforts me to know that I have found someone who I consider to be the real deal who can help me connect with them and be the best mom to them that I can possibly be…..and to also have a way to connect with them in the afterlife if I feel the need to do that. It’s interesting to hear reflections about myself, too…. 

I love your story about how losing your beloved pet was so painful that it prompted you to go toward animal communication. I love how much you adore your own animals because that tells me you understand so many issues that come up with pets. I love that you are real, kind hearted, BIG hearted, professional and so dang connected."

                                                                  B. K. - MS

"Anna was easily able to connect with my childhood energy and Energy from important moments in my life. Even when things she was seeing didn’t make

sense to her they made sense to me. And the strangest thing happened. Anna went to connect with the cat who has been hanging around my property. She started giving some info and I looked up and the cat was there looking right at me! Then it came very close—much closer than ever before. I do believe that Anna has a gift and connected to both me and my Energy and the energy of this animal who seems to have adopted me."

                                                                C.C. - VT

"I was amazed at the accuracy of the information Anna shared about our foster dog. Every single aspect she shared was 100% true! It gave me great confidence in the information that she offered to help us work through a few challenges with our sweet foster. Anna is incredibly kind and caring. Her love for animals is evident and it is wonderful to work with someone as pleasant and supportive as she is. Thank you, Anna!"   

                                                                  R. E. - VA

"I had a wonderful reading with Anna about my dog Brownie! I got to know Brownie is still with me and his purpose in my life it really hit the spot. Brownie knew me more than I could have ever known. I am so grateful I thank you for a beautiful reading and I recommend Anna !! It was amazing, thank you!!!"

                                                                 Miriam R. - MA

"I had a wonderful session with Anna over the well being of my beloved Ginger.

Her insight was very helpful and revealing. I am very happy that I took the time to let her help me understand how Ginger was feeling... Ginger seems at peace since our visit. I am at peace and have learned things about myself that I did not know. Thank you, Anna, for taking the time with me."


                                                               M.M. - MN

"Anna communicated with my three cats: Goldie , Gilligan and Maryanne.

I wasn't sure what to expect, it has been over 20 years since an animal communicator "spoke" to my pets, so it was good to have Anna start the session by telling me exactly how she wanted to do it - "the ground rules" more or less. She put me on ease. I was surprised (and impressed) when Anna began the session by giving me some glimpses into how she read my own self and also my home environment. 

I feel that after the session I can better appreciate the bond with the 3 cats because Anna helped me realized that they know so much more than I thought they do" 

                                                                  Y.B. - MA

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