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-Testimonials -

I had a wonderful session with Anna over the well being of my beloved Ginger.

Her insight was very helpful and revealing. I am very happy that I took the time to let her help me understand how Ginger was feeling... Ginger seems at peace since our visit. I am at peace and have learned things about myself that I did not know. Thank you, Anna, for taking the time with me.


                                                            M.M. - MN

Anna was easily able to connect with my childhood energy and Energy from important moments in my life. Even when things she was seeing didn’t make

sense to her they made sense to me. And the strangest thing happened. Anna went to connect with the cat who has been hanging around my property. She started giving some info and I looked up and the cat was there looking right at me! Then it came very close—much closer than ever before. I do believe that Anna has a gift and connected to both me and my Energy and the energy of this animal who seems to have adopted me.

                                                             C.C. - VT

I asked Anna to connect with my beloved dog Atos. It was an amazing experience! At the beginning of the session I found out a lot about my personality. Past situations that I have faced in my life, which were unresolved baggage I used to hide, and never thought would come back to me. She described it precisely and confirmed later even with a precise drawing. Then Anna connected with Atos and told me a lot of information, which she couldn't have known but I could confirm because I lived with Atos for so many years. It was a very emotional and touching session for me. Most rewarding was to hear that he is still around me and he is watching over me. It made me tear up. This feeling and these messages from him given to me by Anna gave me the desire to stay in the session for much longer. It's been some time since the reading but very often I think about it and I try to recapture the nice feeling of connecting with Atos again.

                                                             T.P. - Poland

I had a wonderful reading with Anna about my dog Brownie! I got to know Brownie is still with me and his purpose in my life it really hit the spot. Brownie knew me more than I could have ever known. I am so grateful I thank you for a beautiful reading and I recommend Anna !! It was amazing, thank you !!!

                                                             M.R. - MA

Anna communicated with my three cats: Goldie , Gilligan and Maryanne.

I wasn't sure what to expect, it has been over 20 years since an animal communicator "spoke" to my pets, so it was good to have Anna start the session by telling me exactly how she wanted to do it - "the ground rules" more or less. She put me on ease. I was surprised (and impressed) when Anna began the session by giving me some glimpses into how she read my own self and also my home environment. 

- With Goldie, Anna understood her personality pretty well and helped me understand some of her quirks a bit better. 

- With Gilligan, Anna touched on some of his strongest traits and behaviors quite well - he is big, confident "tiger" and she honed on his years of constipation and also alerted me of some possible urinary problems - something I have been wondering about lately because he doesn't seem quite himself lately. 

- Finally Maryanne communicated her wish for a safe, darker area, which makes sense (she was born feral) but also that she is OK moving about as long she has her safe spot to return to.

I feel that after the session I can better appreciate the bond with the 3 cats because Anna helped me realized that they know so much more than I thought they do. 

                                                                Y.B. - MA