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The animals speak at midnight

I was born and raised in Poland and because of the approaching holidays I would like to share with you an old Polish tradition that is connected to Animals Communication.

We celebrate Christmas starting on Christmas Eve with a home made dinner that typically contains 12 vegetarian dishes.

It is very time consuming to cook all of them, but believe me it is well worth it. For some of the dishes we wait the whole year. We start the day by decorating the Christmas tree, yes in the morning of December 24th and then as soon as the first star appears in the sky we gather at the dinner table.

Before we sit down and enjoy the wonderful meal and time together, we share with each other "oplatek". It is a small piece of a “wafer” that is shared among all the family members, typically starting with the oldest one. It is not only a symbol of sharing but in that moment we wish each other the most beautiful wishes for the upcoming New Year. It is somehow a very intimate and emotional moment.

At the table there is always an extra empty plate for people who can not be with us anymore or in case someone hungry will come that evening to our home. After dinner we open gifts. Usually the celebration goes until the wee hours.

And then, as long I can remember I was told that at midnight the animals speak! Until now farmers in Poland go to share “oplatek” with their animals, others listen to their pets at home. I grew up in the city, but every Christmas Eve my Mom told me to share "oplatek" with my dog and listen to it, listen very carefully. For me it was always a special moment, full of hope to connect to something beyond the tangible but also a moment to respect and cherish the animals we live with.

Over the years, the meaning of this tradition became even more significant for me but now I know you don't have to wait for Christmas Eve to speak with your animals, but if you have never done it maybe that's the time for you to start the magical journey. 

I wish you, your family and all your four-legged companions a wonderful holidays and don't forget to listen to them at least on the 24th of December at midnight. 

Much love to you.  Anna

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