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The secret

After publishing my website and my professional FB page, I got an email from a friend. I know her for quite some time and she told me, that she too is an animal communicator, and always has been!!

It was such a nice surprise because I never knew this about her. When we met we talked about it and both regretted that none of us ever touched the subject. We missed so many interesting conversations!!

This made me wonder, if YOU talk with your friends about your ability to connect to spirits, animals, people's aura or Tarot cards? Do you talk about it at all? Let me guess, probably only with a few, very close friends!

It is so funny that we don't have problem to say I play piano, I speak three languages, I paint or dance because it is so "normal"! People will admire certain talents, but we are very hesitant to say: I am medium, a Tarot reader or an animal communicator etc. What we are afraid of? Because someone might judge us, just because they don't know much about it and don't want to understand it?

Not long ago, I openly admitted "I am an animal communicator and I am psychic" and believe me the world didn't collapse. Maybe it raised a few eyebrows in disbelieve but also generated many positive reactions by my friends and strangers. I made wonderful new friends and have new connections with people, for example with my friend, mentioned before. And if people don't accept who you are, they ARE NOT your tribe. There is nothing more tiring than pretending to be someone else and hiding a big part of you.

I hope that all you wonderful intuitive people will find your tribe, and be able to be who you are. And if you ever want to talk about all the "woo woo" stuff, give me a call.  

Much love to you.


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