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Thank you Geyser

Every day I take my dogs for a long walk early in the morning. They enjoy it very much and so do I. It doesn't feel like exercise, more like meditation. In the summer we are out by the wee hours when most people are still sleeping and the birds are starting to wake up. I love the sound of calmness at this time of the day and the change of light happening minute by minute.

Today we walked our usual tour, passed the same houses, waved to the person who delivers newspapers in our neighborhood and walked by one particular house with a pasture in front of it. There is always a lonely horse standing far away from the street. If you wouldn't know he is there, you probably wouldn't notice him.

As on every morning, today he was standing in the same place as well. When I walked by,

I heard  a voice saying "STOP, STOP". There was not a soul on the street. So I stopped and started looking around. I didn't see anyone but suddenly I noticed that the beautiful horse, which never moved (at least I have never seen him move) was coming our direction in his pasture. He was coming with some pace, almost like he didn't want to miss me. I was stunned because at this moment I realized it was him who wanted me to stop!! He came close to the fence, put his huge head over and was looking directly into my eyes. I came close, said hello and stretched out my hand for him to smell and start petting his forehead.

I could feel his energy, his calmness and a beautiful wave of happiness came over me.  Then he moved his majestic body parallel to the fence so that I could pet his neck and shoulders.

I stood there fore some time enjoying our connection and admiring his beauty. Even my dogs enjoyed the moment because they didn't make a sound, just stood by me side, very quietly. It was MAGICAL!!

I walked back home with a huge smile on my face, happiness in my heart and thinking about Geyser  - a horse I met two weeks a go, who I know for sure helped me to experience this beautiful connection. 

Have a beautiful day, stop and enjoy a moment and if you have a chance pet a horse.

Much love to you.


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