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Makes ya wonder if she had this all planned out...

For the past few days, on a local FB page, I was following a story of a lost dog. A family adopted a dog from a pound and while driving back home, they stayed overnight in one of the hotels in my town.

Somehow the dog got loose and escaped. Of course the family didn't know the area, the dog was not used to her new people, new name and now is in completely unfamiliar surroundings. As you can imagine it is a worst case scenario. The search to find the dog was going on for almost a week and luckily she was seen in various places, but unfortunately no one was able to catch her. 

The good news was, she was alive and well. People were setting traps with food and cameras, not to lose track of her. Finally with a lot effort and determination they were able to catch the dog. As soon she came home to the people who caught her she was strangely overly affectionate with them right away. Of course the family who lost her was contacted and they were supposed to pick her up the next day but over night the rescuers and the dog fell in love. An amazing bond was created and no one wanted to say goodbye. They decided to talk to the adoptive family and they agreed that for the best of the dog she should stay where she is now, in her forever home.  

It is a very heartwarming story with an ineradicable ending but what caught my attention the most was the last sentence that came from the person who daily reported the case on FB..."makes ya wonder if she had this all planned out..." And I say YES, she did. The dog orchestrated the whole ordeal. Now she is where she belongs and there is a lesson for both families, no coincidence whatsoever. The animals have a much bigger plan for us than we are aware of. This story is just an amazing example of it.

Much love to you.


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