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Safe place

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Today was a nice, warm but rainy day. I went outside to sit underneath the porch and enjoy my morning coffee as often as I can, before winter will arrive and I found a tiny tortoise waiting for me there. It looked like a gift from Mother Nature. Oh, so beautiful and precious, I almost could see the gift wrap. I know it was a gift because we never had a tortoise in our yard, not to mention in the sitting area where we spend many hours this time of year. I admired this beautiful tiny creature for a while and then I connected with it. I had to because it felt so special to have it there, in front of me, so close.

And as soon as I did I heard "safe place" such a simple message yet so powerful. We all need a safe place to be ourselves, to grow and evolve! I have found my place and I am very grateful for it and I hope you have found yours as well. 

In that moment Luna came because she saw I was absorbed with something and of course she wanted to see what it was. Immediately I noticed how vulnerable the tortoise was compared to my 50 pound excited dog. I took him and brought him to a "safe place", to enjoy his life far from any distraction of our backyard.

Wishing you all to find your safe place, where you are protected, nourished and most of all can enjoy.  

Much love to you. Anna

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