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Leap of faith.

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

A few weeks ago, in the beginning of the summer, I was picking up my dogs’ toys, so that my husband could mow the lawn without destroying any of the many plush animals, balls etc., which were all over our fenced in backyard. Between all of the toys I found a baby bunny. Sitting there and just blending in. I was glad my dogs didn’t find it. It really looked like one of their many toys. Thankfully at that moment Tilly and Luna were focused on me and got very excited that I would play with them and not put the toys back in their toy-basket.

The precious little bunny was just sitting there. Looking like one of the many toys there. I picked it up and I was amazed by its cuteness and beauty. The little bunny looked very comfortable and calm. Not sure what was happening inside though. I enjoyed holding the wonderful gift of nature for a few minutes while thinking where to let him go, so that my girls would not catch it. As soon I opened the gate toward the woods surrounding our property, the little bunny jumped off my hand and there it went.

At that moment I realized how often we try to blend in. We stay still and hide, hoping not to be recognized for whatever reason. We wait for the perfect moment to come with the hope the Universe will present to us and we will be able to take off.

The perfect moment will come, but most important WE need to make the first step. I made many first steps this summer. Many of them were huge like leaving my job, following my passion, designing my website, offering my services to you and writing this very first post on my Blog. Yes, it is a huge step for me, because English is not my first language.

I wish you all for the perfect moment to come soon. You just need to follow your heart and take off like the little bunny. Good luck!

Much love to you.


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