Connecting with people and animals 

beyond the tangible

I am an Intuitive

Soul Level Animal Communicator

who helps families understand their pets' behavior

so that everyone can live in harmony.


Would you like to know 

your animal's viewpoint, receive

a message or ask a question?


I am also connecting with animals in spirit. 

About me...

I was born and raised in Poland, moved to Germany for a few years and now I live in the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts with my husband Volker and furry kids, Tilly and Luna.

​Animals accompanied me my whole life and I was always fascinated by them. 

Many times I had “weird” experiences of seeing, hearing and feeling “something” that I could not really put into words, or I didn’t have anyone to share with. For many years I just ignored this and didn’t even know it is called being intuitive.

A few years back, within a very short time we lost three of our beloved dogs, Ozi, Zola and Pepe. It was very heartbreaking and difficult to accept. I was grieving for a long time. But throughout it all, I would hear, feel and even see them – especially one of our girls, Ozi.



Soul Level Animal reading 

A Soul Level Animal reading is an intuitive connection with your animal through the senses of seeing, feeling, hearing and receiving messages. During the reading, Anna will first connect with you to get to know you, then with your animal to understand his or her personality and what kind of bond you both have. If the animal is alive Anna will do a so called “body mapping”. She will feel if there is any area in your beloved companion's body that needs attention. Then she will connect on a deeper Soul Level to find out why the animal is in your life and what lesson is she/he teaching you. There will also be time to ask a question and receive a message your animal might have for you. 

Anna connects with living animals as well as crossed over ones.

I am a certified Soul Level Animal Communicator through the Danielle MacKinnon

School of Animal Communication


Anna Klocke


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