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About me...


I was born and raised in Poland, moved to Germany for a few years and now I live in the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts with my husband and two dogs Tilly and Luna.

​Animals accompanied me my whole life and I was always fascinated by them. Very often I had “weird” experiences of seeing, hearing and feeling “something” that I could not really put into words, or I didn’t know who to share it with. For many years I just ignored this and didn’t even know it is called being intuitive.

A few years back, within a very short time we lost three of our beloved dogs, Ozi, Zola and Pepe. It was very heartbreaking and difficult to accept. I was grieving for a long time.

But throughout it all, I would hear, feel and even see them – especially one of our girls, Ozi. At the time, I thought it was because I was still in pain and didn’t accept their passing. Again, I was ignoring all of it, because I didn’t know anyone who experienced similar things and especially with animals. In our society it is much easier to talk about passing of a loved one than passing of an animal, which is very painful as well.  ​

Then, I am certain I was guided by one of my dogs in spirit to take Danielle MacKinnon's class at the Omega institute in Rhinebeck, NY where my Soul Level Animal Communication journey started.


There, I became acquainted with the work of a pet psychic & intuitive animal communicator and met many animal lovers who were very intuitive as well.


It was such an enlightening experience. I realized, yes, I can communicate with animals; yes, I saw my dogs, who crossed over; yes there is more than what we can see and touch. There is a whole amazing, intangible world outside our five senses and I wanted to experience more of these beautiful connections.


I continued educating myself to enhance my intuitive abilities, by taking advanced classes and workshops at Omega Institute, NY,  Kripalu, MA other venues with amazing teachers like: James Van Praagh, Dr. Steven Farmer, Dr. Cara Gubbins, Joan Renquet,  Bill Phillipps, Maia Kincaid and Lisa Villiams.

Finally meeting “my tribe” and acknowledging my intuitive side opened a new chapter of my life. A fascinating journey that keeps on giving and takes me “Beyond the Tangible”.


You might think it is “just” Animal Communication, but because of it I learned a lot about myself. I deepened the connection with my soul and started searching for my joy and life passion. All of this changed my life completely. I quit my job that was very business oriented. I worked there for many years, but my work was never my passion and finally I realized why I was not happy there. There was no space for my intuitive side creativity and passion. It was a big step and life changing moment, but I am so grateful I found myself and my true self.

​​Much love to you and hugs to your animals. 


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